Biforst Resources Sdn Bhd a 100% Buniputera company, was incorporatedon the 30th April 2005. The core business is to provide engineering services and to supply equipments to oil & gas, petrochemical and energy industry.Our managem- ent always meets to the needs of the industries at the same time making every effort to keep up to the requirements through our committed and dedicated personal with great experience in this industry.BIFORST offers a comprehensive and provides quality range of products and services and implements customer-oriented and efficient solutions. The support from our valued customers and dedicated suppliers has made it possible for us to achieve our company objectives. We strongly believe that we are capable of executing more critical assignments in the future.

Biforst started its operations in Malaysia and is currently operating in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China. Apart from logistics, Biforst has ventured into a wide variety of diversified interests which are technology, retail, agriculture and properties.

With more than 200 staffs with various backgrounds and experience, Biforst has continued to offer international standard services to its ever growing corporate clients. We are currently expanding our operations to the Middle East and also Europe.

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